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Web EPR Information


For detailed migration and training information, see :  Retirement of EPR (JHED login required)

TECHNICAL ADVISORY:  EPR does not work with Internet Explorer version 10.0.
EPR is supported with Internet Explorer versions 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 ONLY.

Web EPR is a view only access to Electronic Patient Record Information.

Log into Web EPR
use your EPR User ID and Password.

Before logging in, please review the access requirements noted below. If you meet these requirements including EPR training, you may log into Web EPR


Network User must log in from a system on the Johns Hopkins network

1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher version
    (128-bit encryption is required, which is included in these versions of Internet Explorer)
2. Accept Cookies (cookies are not written to disk; they are removed when session ends)
3. JavaScript must be enabled

User ID Valid EPR user ID and Password.
See Obtaining an EPR User ID for information

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Web EPR Limitations

Printing Click the right mouse button in the area of the screen (frame) which is to be printed, and select the Print option from the pop-up menu. Only documents (including Radiology documents) can be printed from Web EPR.
"On Line" Help Not currently available.
CPD View only of Physicians listed in CPD.
H/M Rec and Immunizations Not implemented.

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Differences between EPR and Web EPR

Printing Click the left mouse button in the area of the screen (frame) which is to be printed, and click on the browser's Print button Click on Print button on each screen if print is desired
Preferences Allows user to set a default display and facility for the opening screen Not available
Feedback E-Mail form for problems and suggestions. Suggestion Box used for feedback
PID Enter any information to select patient (minimum of partial last name or full history number)
Click on patient name to select
The "D" in the first column will display patient's demographic information. The "X" in the second column will display patient's cross-reference information, when a patient has more than one history number or name in the database.
To view demographics, highlight a patient on the grid and click the "Show Demog" button. To view cross references, click on the "Show XRef" button.
Click on floor to see census for that nursing unit Double click on a floor to see its census.
List of patients can be sorted by clicking on column header.
Click in combo box to see listing of Dept/Clinics
Type first letter of Department or scroll through the list to find desired clinic
User may enter or select a Clinic Number without needing to select a department first. This is in addition to the EPR95 method of selecting a Department and then a Clinic from a drop-down box
List of patients can be sorted by clicking on column header
Overview Displays Visits for last 3 months, and Problems, Allergies, and Medications lists. Recently Resulted Labs (last 4 resulted dates) are displayed; double click on a row to view those results. Also displayed is Problems, Allergies and Medications lists.
Labs Clicking on the Labs tab will bring the user to Pathology's Lab Web page
Allows labs to be displayed over time, search for single component, ability to graph results, Body Source Micro Matrix.
Visit List Click on the Admit Date in the first column to see a list of documents for that visit.
User is able to view the documents and also see a list of the Next or Previous visit's documents for this patient
Right-click on a visit row and choose Documents from the popup menu to see list of documents within 14 days of this visit.
Documents Problems, Allergies, and Medications (PAM) lists display to the right of the document text Problems, Allergies, and Medications (PAM) lists do not display when viewing a document.
Radiology Documents are available for viewing, but images are not available. Documents and images are available for viewing.
CPD View only of Central Physician Directory View and submit updates of CPD entries

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Reporting Problems

Please use the "Feedback" e-mail form to report all problems; a link is provided at the top of the Web EPR screen. Problems will be handled during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm).

JavaScript errors are not fatal errors. If you encounter a JavaScript errors, click on the OK button and continue to use the application. Also report the error using the E-Mail Feedback form.

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